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Our wide range of stick on body jewels are a statement of style. With an ambition to make Indian bindi jewelry and body decoration a fashion rage globally and to bring a glimpse of Visions of India in the form of bindis and body art tattoos, we strive to give you the best quality and designs. Our collection of Indian bindis and temporary tattoos in the form of body bindi and body art tattoo will make you look drop dead gorgeous whenever and wherever you wear it.

Bindi a part of Indian culture and heritage is derived from bindu, the sanskrit word for dot or drop. Bindi is usually a red dot on forehead worn by women between their eyebrows, signifying the third eye.

Bindis are no longer only a dot on forehead and is not restricted in color or shape, bindis are seen in many bright colors and in different shapes and designs. We have revolutionised the bindi body art from forehead bindis to body tattoo bindis, belly tattoo bindis and many more forms. Bindis are made of colored felt and embellished with colored glass or glitter. Bindi also known as sticker bindi is a fashion accessory one of the forms being non piercing, self adhesive and reusable body tattoo. Bindi is also used as an accessory for belly dance, body art and body decoration.

Bindi and Body Decor with crystals and embellishments is a choice of every girl for its attractive sensual charm and sparkle.

We are Indian bindi manufactures, body décor manufacturers, bindi exporters, Indian bindi suppliers, suppliers of bindi tattoos. We can also customize designs for, fashion designers, theme parties, company events, product launches, sports events and company logos.

Fancy Bindi brings you an opportunity to shop for bindis online at our bindi shop. Fancy Bindi also manufactures bindis and body tattoos for exports. Fancy Bindi endeavours to offer a superior level of service and customer care.

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